Web Developer, Tech Junkie, Father, Husband.

Determined Developer, constanly learning and adapting to whatever is thrown my way. Never satisfied with my current skillset and always improving.

Problem Solver

A fix does not always equal a solution. Problems need to be identified and tackled but never at the expense of code quality. Each problem is a new opportunity to gain perspective and create a more efficienct function.

It's Business Time

Initial schooling in Business & Marketing. Few developers are capable of standing up in front of a client and delivering consultation. Well-rounded business sense with the ability to explain complex functionality simply.

Tech Junkie

Passionate in work and play. Constantly tearing apart new technlogies and methodologies to see what makes them tick. From mobile devices to coding practices to PC hardware, everything must be explored.

I am a huge computer nerd and custom build them on the side. My personal build has become quite the passion project. Water-cooled, overclocked and virtually completely silent.

Skills to pay the bills

It is tough to 'show off' your abilities as a developer. I could list all the languages I've worked with but that doesn't quite paint the whole picture. I've decided that actively challenging myself by taking courses online has made me a better developer but also given me a way to prove my knowledge. The badges may seem limited but they are growing on weekly basis. Keep checking back to see what else I've completed!

Android has always been a passion of mine. I still own every device I've ever used and was chosen for the Pilot Program of the first Google TV. Ideally I'd like to get into writing apps for Android.

Work I've Done

Due to the nature of my some of my positions there are a large portion of sites that I cannot display. However I have put together a small collection of sites that I have contributed a large portion to.

My career so far as been primarily front-end. By that I mean HTML, CSS and jQuery. At my current company I've gotten a chance to really explore the areas of web development that I am really interested in: Javascript. I have gotten a chance to really sink my teeth into MVC frameworks, Backbone and Ember primarily. Ember 2.0 so far has been an interesting language and I am looking foward to spending a lot of time with it.

In addition to my development experience I have become a huge fan of a range of Atlassian products. JIRA being the main one. While I do not think that the Agile methodology is the end-all-be-all for every development team. I think it's emphasis on efficiency in the development process is an important thing to keep in mind. I have trained development, project management and QA teams on good ways to leverage JIRA to streamline the life cycle of web projects.

Gaming; the catalyst that led me into the world of PC building. Before I started chasing the beauty of PCs, I was in it for raw power. I wanted the games I played to look as good as they could and run as fast as they could.